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About this service:

Nottingham has various midwifery locations around the city.

We recommend that you make an appointment with the midwifery team (covering the GP surgery you are registered with) as early as possible in your pregnancy so that your booking appointment is carried out before you are 10 weeks pregnant for the best outcomes for you and your child.

How to Contact the services:

To contact the services, please view the document below to contact the appropriate team and self refer.

Midwifery Locations and Numbers

Who can be seen?

This service is for pregnant women of any age in the Nottingham City area.

These centres are here to help you support yourself and your baby throughout your pregnancy and to give advice on any queries you have after your child is born to give the best outcomes for you and your child.

These centres are based around the city.

Who can refer?

Pregnant women can self-refer to the midwifery service.

It is suggested that you also complete the following form for our GP receptionists as this will help them decide if they need to book you an appointment to see your GP as well, for your medical needs.

Receptionist / Patient Checklist

Where is the service based and how to contact them:

The Service is based in various locations throughout the city. Please make contact with the midwifery team that is covering the GP surgery you are registered with.

Please view the information sheet below to see each location and their contact details:

Midwifery Locations and Numbers

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